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Speaking & Engagement
Soho House Paris

Moderator ~ Soho house Paris

I moderated a conference at Soho house Paris, to talk about the new French law on hair discrimination. 

Haiti73 Agency experience around the afro hair consumer can confirm that such a law would be a game changer in small or big ways. The perception of people with kinky hair and darker skin tone would be able to have a fairer shot at life and it would also improve well being and mental health of people of darker skin tone. 

This discussion enabled us to tackle important topics such as past experiences, what it would mean concretely in the workplace and at school, with depth and understanding with a fantastic panel, providing a space for rich and engaging conversation.

GreyScale Campaign ~ Ruka Hair

Ruka Hair contacted me to model in their campaign GreyScale, featuring a range of grey hair extensions in their iconic texture. 

Ruka Hair is a british hair company based in London, famous for their sensational campaign as well as their savvy marketing and strong community.

They have constantly set themself apart by creating innovative, high-quality hair products and creative campaigns, becoming a source of inspiration and representation for black women in the UK and internationally.

The Ruka Team has succeeded, as always with this thoughtful campaign, to offer a product aimed at Gen X, by putting the spotlight on older women.


Speaker ~ ORAFRICA

ORAFRICA is a cultural association dedicated to the contemporary valorisation of sub-Saharan culture in Africa and abroad.

I took part to the first edition of a series talk around African Art.

My intervention was about how the art world workS with creatives in the UK.

Speaker ~ La Colonie

La Colonie organised an event around black beauty and cosmetics.
I was a panellist in a conversation about black beauty but also about the business of black cosmetics.

During the event, I produced and conceptualised a pop-up hair salon, where people could have their pictures taken or get their hair plaited :

- Curated the artist and set designer for the pop up | Set up the deco with a set designer

- Planning and execute the project from ideation to completion, working closely with the exhibition

- Promo strategy on all digital platforms along with promo art work for the pop up hair salon and the talk

Took part in the talk as a beauty expert sharing my experience of the afro beauty market in Europe with 3 others panellists.

La Colonie

Speaker ~ SouthBank Centre

Hannah Pool, the head of programmation for the Southbank Centre invited me to talk about African fashion in the French speaking country and within the French diaspora in Paris.

In the Panel were also present, Laduma, Maame Adjei and De la Sebure.